Sunday, January 31, 2016

Indiana Rappers Matty Moe and Michael Barber ‘Deadly Combo’ Album Artwork is Released

It appears that the once highly anticipated Deadly Combo album from Indiana MCs, Matty Moe and Michael Barber, is finally going to see the light of day. The album artwork has been released over the weekend, and a few speculative track lists have also been seen on different urban blogs.
The Deadly Combo album has been talked about since 2012. Chicago Rap News listed the Deadly Combo album as one of the top 6 projects they were anticipating to drop in 2014 along with projects from Kanye West and Katie Got Bandz, and Dr. Dre's artist, Jon Connor.
Both of the rappers are originally from Indiana, Barber is currently based out of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Matty Moe still lives in Indiana in Bloomington. Moe has been one of the most visible artists in the state opening for every major act that comes to the state, and steadily releasing new music.
Barber, who was signed to Death Row Records, is the highest selling hip hop artist out of the state of Indiana, and still considers Indiana his home.
The project has been highly anticipated and talked about for years with Moe jokingly calling the project, 'the midwest's version of Detox'. Detox is a reference to the Dr. Dre album that has been in the works for the last 15 years.
Barber handled all the production on the album. He states that playing he has recently learned to play the piano, and it has enhanced his production skills.
There is no release date set, but with the release of the album artwork it appears the date is near.
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